For Berni, the policemen who shot a young man in Moreno "they did not act bad"

For Berni, the policemen who shot a young man in Moreno "they did not act bad"

The Buenos Aires Security Minister said that “everything is still not very clear.” Photo: Diego Izquierdo

The Buenos Aires Security Minister, Sergio Berni, considered that “they did not act badly” the police officers who shot a young rugby player who was chased by three patrol cars who finally intercepted him at the gate of a private neighborhood of Moreno’s party, although he admitted that “it is still not very clear” what happened.

Within the framework of the case, there are two members of the Buenos Aires police charged by the prosecutor Federico Soñora, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4 of Moreno, who has not yet investigated them, since he first hopes to have the results of the investigations. ballistic tests and the testimony of the young man shot, Tomás Kruger (19).

“The situation is very doubtful because first the vehicle fled, it did not stop at the stop signal and three patrol cars followed it,” Berni said in dialogue with the Todo Noticias channel, referring to the young driver who was shot.

The Buenos Aires Security Minister said that “everything is still not very clear” and added that he will wait for the investigation by prosecutor Soñora, who “has all the tools to find out what happened.”

“When (the young man) stopped, the version I have is that he made a movement as if he were armed. It strikes me that both officers reacted at the same time. They are experienced and rank officers,” Berni said.

“I don’t get the impression that the police have acted badly,” added the official, who maintained: “I don’t confirm or rule out anything.”

Lastly, Berni opined that “It could be that at night the boy got scared and the policemen thought they were in danger and fired.”

For its part, María del Carmen Verdú, head of the Coordinator Against Police and Institutional Repression (Correpi), assured that it is a case of police violence since the troops shot an unarmed person,

“There cannot be a more serious act committed by a member of the state security apparatus,” he described in dialogue with the C5N channel, after which he considered that “in similar circumstances between individuals they would at least be apprehended waiting for the intervening prosecutor’s office to resolve whether he releases him or not”, although “when they are policemen this is not in discussion, they remain free”.

According to judicial spokespersons, prosecutor Soñora awaits the skills of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) to establish the caliber of the weapon and the direction, distance and number of shots fired by the officers.

Once you are in clinical conditions, The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office will take a testimonial statement from Kruger, who is hospitalized in a Morón hospital waiting to be operated on in an arm after the impact of one of the shots fired at him.

The young man also received two other shots in each of his legs, as detailed yesterday by his father, Carlos Kruger.

Sources linked to the investigation reported that the officers investigated are a man and a woman charged so far for the crime of “aggravated injuries”, although a judicial spokesman clarified that said cover is provisional and could vary depending on what the skills show.

The incident occurred in front of the closed neighborhood Álvarez del Bosque in the town of Francisco Álvarez
The incident occurred in front of the closed neighborhood Álvarez del Bosque, in the town of Francisco Álvarez

The fact

The incident occurred minutes before 1 on Sunday, on Provincial Route 7, in front of the closed neighborhood Álvarez del Bosque, in the town of Francisco Álvarez, in said party in the west of the suburbs, where Kruger lives with his family.

In the images of the security cameras installed by the neighbors themselves, a first sequence recorded at 0.58 in which A black Toyota Hilux truck with tinted windows stops in front of the entrance gate to the neighborhood and a patrol car without its siren on hits it on the passenger side.

Faced with this situation, the van backs up and leaves the place along the road, while the patrol car is detained there.

In a second sequence immediately after, it is seen that some 50 meters away, still on the road, that the van stops on the shoulder and is surrounded by four police cars, one of which also hits it on the driver’s side, the height of the trunk, while an officer comes running and brandishing his weapon.

At that moment, several policemen made the driver of the truck get out and reduced him to the ground.

Alerted to what happened by the security personnel of the private neighborhood, the rugbier’s parents left their home and found the policemen and their son handcuffed and bloodied on the ground, after which the boy was transferred to a hospital in the area, where he remains interned.

Police sources told Télam that as a result of the incident, the General Audit Office of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Security of the province of Buenos Aires intervened, who initiated an internal investigation.

The same spokesmen pointed out that the young man shot was accused of “resisting authority”, for which a case was initiated for this crime before the prosecutor Emiliano Buscaglia, from Moreno’s UFI 5.

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