Margarita Cedeño llama a las madres a no perder la fe

Margarita Cedeño calls on mothers not to lose faith

Santo Domingo.- The former Vice President of the Republic and presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Margarita Cedeño, urged Dominican mothers not to lose faith and continue the struggle to build a prosperous and equitable Dominican society.

He defined Dominican mothers as brave and selfless who face difficult days and worrying nights, in the face of a hostile scenario that invites us to strengthen our faith.

On the occasion of Dominican Mother’s Day, Cedeño sent a message via his personal social media platforms @margaritacdf and his political project @margaritardo, saying: “The first struggle we know is that of a mother for her children. From the womb, nurturing the life that will be brought into the world, taking care of each step so that it grows healthy and strong, watching over her dreams, cultivating hope. With a love that knows no end.

In his speech, he stressed that “he has no doubt that this new battle against uncertainty and restlessness is a fight that we will face successfully, in the city, in the countryside and in all the neighborhoods and corners of our beloved Dominican Republic.”

The former vice president made it very clear her desire and continuous purpose to continue working for each of the Dominican mothers, a badge that has characterized her since her genesis in her journey through the State.

With her hard work, she has proven to be a champion of the great causes and struggles, where women and especially mothers, she added, have always been a reference in each of the social policies that she developed during her functions.

Cedeño concluded by affirming: “Together we will make this land a great house of well-being and progress for our sons and daughters! Together we will make a better country! Happy mothers day. God bless you always.”

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