Median household income rose nearly $2,500 in the last quarter of 2021

In the final quarter of 2021, the median household income was $75,088 and the median per capita income was $26,650, according to the report of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) published this Monday. The numbers showed that median household income was $2,469 higher than in the July-September quarter ($72,619) and $845 per person (the past data was $25,805).

INE, Continuous Household Survey

On the other hand, the median of household income He was in $59,176 in October-December“which implies that 50% of households receive an income less than or equal to $59,176“, explained the INE. This value was $2,329 top to the estimate in the previous quarter ($ 56,847).

Also, the median of per capita household income reached $23,194 in October-Novemberwhich meant $684 more than the previous estimate ($22,510).

All the above numbers refer to the total for the country, but in Montevideo they were considerably higher than in the other localities of the country, as they have been historically.

For example, the median household income, which reached $59,176, can be broken down into $69,977 for the capital and $53,317 for the rest of the territory. Despite this, this particular number improved much more outside of Montevideo — $3,000 (6.0%) versus $1,621 (2.4%). days ago, the Center for Development Studies (CED) published a report in which he stated that the interior of the country absorbed 90% of the employment generated in 2021.

What’s more, all increases were above the inflationary average for the quarter, so they represented improvements in real terms. Between October and December the prices rose just 1.2% and the vIncome variations were in each case above 3% for the country as a whole.

The INE detailed that the figures presented refer only to income derived from work (in money and in kind), income from transfers (also in money and in kind), capital income and other current income; bonuses and rental value were not included.

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