Keiko Fujimori and others involved could be tried at the end of the year

Keiko Fujimori and others involved could be tried at the end of the year

Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez reported that both like the others involved in the investigation for money laundering, in the framework of the case could be judged at the end of this year.

“You can already judge Keiko Fujimori, Jaime Yoshiyama and the others involved at the end of this year, that is the goal, as long as the Judicial Power can provide the means to achieve the procedural discharge of the judge in this case and in general to all the judges of the Lava Jato case”, told TV Peru.

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Statements by José Domingo Pérez

Along these lines, he explained that in March of last year the investigation ended and a formal accusation was filed. He said that currently the process is in an intermediate stage in which the judge evaluates the accusation before the start of the final trial.

“The investigation ended in March of last year, the criminal accusation was made that has implicated natural and legal persons, procedurally we are in an intermediate stage. It is a stage of accusation control. The judge is reviewing the accusation to see if we are going to go to trial.”he added.

At another time, Pérez Gómez confirmed that the businessman Giancarlo Bertini surrendered to justice this week and indicated that his participation in the case will be important, after clarifying that he cannot provide more information in this regard.

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“He was in charge of capturing those who would present themselves as false contributors, that is, the people who end up performing the smurfing: this modality that Fuerza Popular used to launder money, the millionaire amounts were divided into small fractions of thousands of soles that entered the banking system ”, manifested.

Keiko Fujimori is being investigated by the Public Ministry for allegedly concealing illicit financing for her 2011 electoral campaign, through false contributors, including natural and legal persons, who would be included in the investigation.


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