Junín: Dimas Aliaga evaluates lawsuit against JEE inspector for exclusion

Junín: Dimas Aliaga evaluates lawsuit against JEE inspector for exclusion

Once again the impartiality of the Huancayo Special Electoral Jury (JEE-H) has been called into question, this time by the gubernatorial candidate for the Regional Movement Let’s Walk Together Through JunínDimas Aliaga Castro, who was excluded by the electoral body based on a presumed omission when consigning a sentence in his Affidavit of Curriculum Vitae.

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According to the candidate, the Jury does not guarantee this electoral process, because irregularities were evidenced at the time of evaluating the information presented by the Judiciary detailing that the judgment in first instance issued against him on August 11, had already been appealed and had suspended their efects.

In addition, the defense presented by the legal representative Jesús Zapata was not valued either, where it is detailed that Aliaga did declare a civil sentence in his resume. For these reasons, the JEE excluded Dimas Aliaga. Regarding the alleged sentence for family violence, recorded in the exclusion resolution, his legal team indicated that the JEE-H inspector, Nataly Riveros, apologized in a new report issued on Friday, August 19.

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And for which, they assure, it is made clear that it is false that Dimas Aliaga has any sentence for family violence. Therefore, they left open the possibility of initiating legal action. Finally, Dimas Aliaga announced that the corresponding appeal is being presented and showed certainty that the National Elections Jury (JNE) will confirm the appeal of Caminemos Juntos and the announcement will continue in the race.

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