Court clarifies that TER simulations are for evaluation of the system, not individual electoral preferences

The Electoral Tribunal (TE) carried out yesterday, Sunday, April 21, the second and last simulation of the Unofficial Results Transmission System (TER), a valuable technological tool that will allow the population to instantly know the unofficial results of the General Election on May 5, 2024.

These drills are developed with the objective that the technical teams of the political and free nomination parties can check the efficient functioning of the system and consult electoral experts about the details related to the mechanics to follow so that each one can receive, opportunely and in real time, the results for each position to be elected in the next general elections.

To carry out these simulations, fictitious data is used. In the case of the test results for the position of president, these are calculated so that at the end of the process there is a tie between all the candidates.

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