The “evismo” issues a new call for the MAS congress, without consensus with the “arcismo”

The “evismo” issues a new call for the MAS congress, without consensus with the “arcismo”

The “evismo” issues a new call for the MAS congress, without consensus with the “arcismo”

April 22, 2024, 12:51 PM

April 22, 2024, 12:51 PM

On the last day of the deadline established by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), an emergency meeting of the “evismo” decided this Monday to issue a new call for the congress of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS); but, again, without reaching a consensus with the “arcist” bloc of that ‘political instrument’.

“We are calling today (to a new congress) complying with the political decisions of the TSE. The congress will be on July 10 in Villa Tunari. I am very sorry to communicate (this), I do not like it; (but) we are humbly complying (with the determination of the TSE),” said the former president and leader of the blue party, Evo Morales, at a press conference held in Cochabamba, along with other leaders of the MAS leadership and the organizations of the “evista” Unity Pact.

Call for other conferences

A past call by the “evismo” for the MAS congress was set for June 10, but was observed by the TSE due to the lack of consensus with “parent organizations” of the blue party (that is, the leaders of the arcismo) and also because it was not signed by all the leaders of the MAS leadership.

However, Morales insisted that no consensus can be reached with leaders who, according to his version, are not MAS militants. nor were they legitimately elected.

On the other hand, he pointed out that for the congress held last year in Lauca Ñ Only five leaders of the leadership of the political instrument signed and it was not observed by the TSE. But now, for the Villa Tunari meeting, they signed nine leaders and it was observed by the electoral entity.

Furthermore, he assured that, by statute, The signature of the president of the MAS is “sufficient” for the call to congress.

Other requests from Evo Morales to the TSE

Morales reported that, in the Monday morning meeting, it was also decided to request, through a letter, a hearing with the Plenary Chamber of the TSE to “demonstrate to the entire world how we have fulfilled” its determinations.

“Second, We are asking that any decision of the TSE Plenary Chamber be broadcast live, because Bolivian democracy depends on the TSE and we do not want a biased TSE,” he indicated.

Likewise, Morales said: “We have decided, in this meeting, that We are going to invite the missions and personalities who come to participate in the elections (…) to monitor the behavior of the TSE (…) because we are being very mistreated by the TSE and that hurts.”

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