Huancavelica: A fugitive is confirmed in prison for beating and raping a young man

Huancavelica: A fugitive is confirmed in prison for beating and raping a young man

The magistrates of the 2nd Appeals Chamber agreed with the judges of the Collegiate Court of Huancavelica and confirmed the sentence of 14 years in prison against Anthony Flores Huincho (24), who is a fugitive.

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The subject was sentenced for rape of a 20-year-old female, whom he beat and raped.


In the first instance, the prosecutor Leoncio Apumayta filed the accusation based on the complaint filed by the victim and subsequent investigations.

Thus, on November 13, 2019, after 5:00 a.m., the victim, the accused and two other young people were libating in the room of the aggrieved. This after they met at a nightclub.

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It is in this meeting that the defendant proposes to the female to have sexual relations, to which she refuses. After the rejection, the subject leaves the place and, after seeing that the other young people also leave, he returns to the room, which is on the third floor of the victim’s home.

Being in the room, the subject begins to touch her body in order to have sex with her. The victim wakes up and tries to scream, but the defendant covers her mouth and starts punching her in the face, even grabbing clothing to hang the victim.

He then takes her to the 2nd floor restroom and beats her one more time before raping her (unnatural and intimate penetration).

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For its part, the technical defense claimed innocence stating that his client was on a trip when the abuse occurred.

It should be noted that, in the first instance, the Collegiate (made up of judges Kati Jurado, Hernán Pozo and Amparo Fernández) sentenced the accused to 14 years in prison and to pay 8 thousand soles in civil damages to the victim.

This result was appealed by the defense, which was declared unfounded by the Chamber.

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Three judges make up the Chamber: Jaime Contreras, Carlos Samaniego and Marisol Jaramillo.

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