Rainieri: We must create Latin American multinationals

Rainieri: We must create Latin American multinationals

The Dominican Republic has the workforce and spaces necessary to promote the growth of companies multinationals to continue raising the Dominican product and economic income, said the founder of Puntacana Group, Frank Rainieri.

Recently there has been a significant increase in the work and export of products from multinationals installed in the country, which indicates that the free zone sector is dynamic and resilient in the face of natural adversities.

“In free zones and in tourism, the Dominican Republic has become a leader in the region,” so that area can be exploited to guarantee greater economic growth for the country in a sustainable and sustainable way, Rainieri told Free Journal.

The Dominican businessman considered it necessary to evaluate -in the country and in the rest of Ibero-America- the niche of the assembly and elaboration of articles and products to continue contributing to the economies. “We must put aside both having companies multinationals“, said.

In this sense, he considered that both the Dominican Republic and the other Latin American countries should “create multinationals Hispanic Americans and with this guarantee a more conscious and adequate development for the countries of the region”.

The founder of the hotel group and host of the fifth version of the Ibero-American Congress for Presidents of Companies and Business Families, which was held last week by the Alliance for Ibero-America Business Council (Ceapi), expressed the importance of activities that bring together business leaders to have a vision of international business trends.

He valued the congress as a necessary strategy that promotes innovation through shared experiences and mutual support. In addition, to be the space to integrate young entrepreneurs who have the ability to create new ventures.

Rainieri advanced, during the first day of the congress Ceapi held in Punta Cana, that from that moment some conversations between company presidents were already being promoted with the aim of evaluating joint investments between different countries.

Innovation and creativity

Rainieri participated in the round table dedicated to analyzing the role of Ibero-America as a global tourism power, its situation after the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it faces in the new international context, where the founder of Puntacana recounted how the Project.

The businessman made an assessment of the development of the tourism sector and considered it necessary to awaken the motivation of young people to maintain the business legacy and direct it with innovation and creativity as a basis for success to expand projects.

He argued that dreams are created “by keeping our feet on the ground and with the pragmatism that characterizes us entrepreneurs.” He added that the path to success is not stopping at obstacles and challenges to reach goals.

In addition, he made reference to the fact that “destinations and markets are not created in a year. It takes years: you suffer a lot, you lose money at the beginning”, but with dedication and enthusiasm it can be achieved.

He explained that the business sector must now lead the social and environmental changes with management policies that contribute to the societies and citizens of the environment. “We can’t leave it to the politicians,” she said.

During his recommendations, he pointed out that changes were already taking place in the business climate that were advanced by the international context since the COVID-19 pandemic, a situation that prompted a change in paradigms and that, according to Rainieri, directs business leaders to be entities that can promote a fairer region while respecting free enterprise and not maintaining the trend of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Dominican journalist specialized in economics and finance, graduated from the Universidad Dominicana O&M.

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