FA: The government reaches the middle of the term with an economic and security emergency

FA: The government reaches the middle of the term with an economic and security emergency

Fernando Pereira, after the National Plenary of the Broad Front.
Fernando Pereira, after the National Plenary of the Broad Front.

This Saturday, June 4, the National Plenary of the Broad Front called “German Gil” was held.

Within this framework, the FA approved a political plan to develop a deep dialogue with all sectors of society, and reaffirmed its commitment to the search for solutions for the construction of public happiness.

The Broad Front issued a statement through which it questions that the coalition government led by Herrerismo reaches the middle of the term with an economic and security emergency.

hungry expressions

“The prices of the products of the basic basket increase, poverty increases and expressions of hunger appear, there are more people on the street, wages and pensions fall, the benefits of the National Integrated Health System deteriorate profoundly, being its most visible expression the lack of medication. Fuels have already increased by 48% in two years, impacting the consumption of basic goods and services”, denounces the FA.

The left-wing opposition questions that at the moment we are witnessing a verification that the country’s security problems “cannot be solved with harsh speeches, ineffective measures and political opportunism.” On this issue, Uruguay requires a space for dialogue that addresses in depth the social transformations that the country is undergoing, which require a multidimensional approach that allows for the establishment of short-term measures to improve security mechanisms and social, economic and social structural changes at the same time. cultural.

The FA states in its statement that the harsh situation that Uruguay is experiencing “with the permanent increase in violence requires maturity and responsibility” and, for this reason, the FA once again places itself at the service of a space for exchange that allows at the center of efforts, solutions to a situation that afflicts society. In addition, at this time of emergency there are no answers for housing problems.

It also denounces that progress is being made in a process of privatization and weakening of public companies. “We lose sovereignty with the delivery of the Port, international politics does not generate commercial or political results.” In education, the only obsession of the authorities seems to be attacking the trade unions and the management of the Broad Front governments.

“We understand that it is time to listen to the discontent of broad sectors of society who experience firsthand the consequences of a neoliberal and exclusionary model. The State’s response can never be the path of repression to dissent”, denounces the opposition in its document.

It is possible to identify that “the miraculous changes that were promised in the electoral campaign do not translate into concrete results that improve the living conditions of the people, on the contrary, the majority of Uruguayans live in worse conditions, while a small The group accumulates 9,000 million dollars as a result of the historic tail hurricane experienced by the raw materials that the country exports”.

Announcements abound that materialize very partially, or do not materialize. “The great majority of the inaugurations are works of the Frente Amplio governments. Successful public policies are dismantled and, on the other hand, new ones fail in their design and implementation”.

Without plans

As if this were not enough, the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, faces the demands of his coalition partners in a government “without guidance or concrete plans.”

Faced with the economic and security emergency, “excuses are not acceptable, it is time to take charge.”

In turn, the FA highlights the strategic importance of the resolution of the Political Roundtable for the formation of a working group that prepares a proposal for mechanisms to quickly and effectively address serious situations in relation to acts of violence based on in gender.

“We reject attempts to reinterpret history, building a story that nuances and justifies the atrocities of State terrorism. The path taken by one part of the governing coalition is dangerous for our democracy. We demand memory, truth and justice, and we commit all our efforts to address an ethical debt of the entire Uruguayan society, says the FA.

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