Photos of Tóásó and Tadic beaten are revealed: “The right thing was done,” says Quintana

Photos of Tóásó and Tadic beaten are revealed: “The right thing was done,” says Quintana

April 21, 2024, 10:48 PM

April 21, 2024, 10:48 PM

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) considered, in a “background report (2021)” that in he assault on the Las Américas hotel in 2009 there were “tortures” and “extrajudicial executions,” as well as procedural failures that excluded the Prosecutor’s Office from the armed operation.

In fact, the IACHR established that armed police agents directly linked to the Ministry of Government carried out the raid on the hotel. During all these years, the organization collected abundant documentation of this case that is on the verge of a trial before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Court – IDH).

EL DEBER accessed several images that were taken during the first 24 hours after the 2009 assault. Elöd Tóásó and Mario Tadic, the two foreign citizens who survived the police “operation” appear beaten in police stations in La Paz where they were transferred from Santa Cruz by a contingent of the now defunct Tactical Unit for Crisis Resolutions (Utarc).

Mario Tadic
Mario Tadic, one of the survivors of the assault on the Las Américas hotel

In the first photograph you can see Tádic and Toasó sitting in front of the public defenders appointed by the Ministry of Government. Lawyer Gary Prado stated that the Hungarian Tóásó, at that time, did not speak Spanish and it was difficult for him to express himself, and even more so to declare.

In the images below you can see bruises and wounds that both had, after they were reduced by the Police in the early morning of April 16. The explanation at the time was that there was resistance, but that was ruled out in local investigations and by the IACHR.

Tadic reported that the Bolivian Eduardo Rozsathe Irishman Michael Dwyer and the Romanian Árpád Magyarosi They were executed while they slept. She noted that he was surprised with explosions at his door. He was subdued and one of the officers hit him in the mouth with a rifle butt, causing some of his teeth to break, and then someone put a T-shirt over his head so that he would not recognize the police officers.

“I remember beatings and a series of interrogations. “The same thing that I declared before the United Nations and the IACHR, what happened here was extrajudicial execution,” he said in his arguments that reached several international entities.

Elod Toásó
Elod Toásó in La Paz, after his transfer from the Las Américas hotel

In Tóásó bruises are observed on the left cheekbone and under the eye, in addition to marks on his back from the blows. One of the videos that was leaked and was known to the media, can be seen below. Elöd without shirt, with signs of “torture”being carried out of the hotel on his haunches.

The IACHR made four recommendations to prevent the State goes to trial in the Inter-American Court, the one in charge of issuing a binding sentence.

Among the main recommendations is to investigate the responsible for these violations of human rightsas well as compensate the victims.

In this regard, the former minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana, He came out in defense of Evo Morales and assured that the executions that were carried out were correct, because “the responsibility of a ruler is to prevent any terrorist project from attacking the security of the national State.”

“We have to seek international justice to capture those terrorists, who today are free and are carrying out political practices with the complicity of Luis Arce’s own regime, which supports terrorists to attack comrade Evo,” he said.

The opposition demands that the Government prosecute Morales and the authors of the 2019 operation, although the Prosecutor’s Office has so far not precisely identified the alleged perpetrators.

Marcelo Soza, the prosecutor who investigated this case. He assures that he learned about the issue after the operation and asks to investigate the true causes of the arrival of these foreigners. Soza was sentenced to 12 years for extortion and is granted asylum in Brazil.

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