Nicas in Miami take to the streets to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the April rebellion

Nicas in Miami take to the streets to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the April rebellion

With banners, blue and white flags and vuvuzelas, hundreds of Nicaraguans took to the streets of Miami, Florida, United States, to march in commemoration of the sixth anniversary of the 2018 civic protests against the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

The compatriots left the Santa Agatha church, in Miami, at one in the afternoon this Sunday, April 21, after a mass in tribute to the more than 350 victims who were murdered six years ago ended. The demonstration was called and organized by different democratic organizations and opposition figures in exile.

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Exercising the right that was prohibited to them in their homeland, the compatriots shouted slogans and sounded the horns of their vehicles as a demonstration that the people “do not forget” the crimes against humanity, the repression and the violations of human rights perpetrated by the official forces of the Ortega regime.

The economist and political prisoner Juan Sebastian Chamorro told the independent media outlet Current Nicaragua that “it is already a tradition for me to come here (to the protests) to remember those murdered and precisely today, April 21, Angel Gahona, who was murdered in the line of journalistic duty.

The political activist pointed out that these types of civic events “are important to maintain so that we take away that dream, keep awake the dictator and vice-dictator who govern Nicaragua poorly and remind them that one day the people rose up with these flags, that one day we will to wave in the streets of Managua with freedom and in democracy.

The same way, María Asunción Moreno, lawyer and member of the Civic Alliance, declared that this is a “very important day for Nicaraguans, where we are telling the Nicaraguan people that this fight is not over and that we are going to achieve freedom, democracy and justice for the victims and freedom for our political prisoners.

One of the Nicaraguans who attended the demonstration told the information portal that “today we are commemorating that day of pain, of injustice, of atrocities that the Nicaraguan government did against an innocent people.”

However, the citizen reminded the population that “we also commemorate the day of the union of Nicaragua, of brothers, that day when the sea of ​​Nicaraguans took to the streets and said: ‘Enough of murderers! Enough of criminals! Enough of crime!’

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«Let us unite like that day when they killed our people, our town and we all shouted: Let Daniel go! And we continue shouting for Daniel to leave, but more united for a free Nicaragua, for justice, for freedom, for the honor of our dead,” highlighted the protester.

Other activities celebrated by Nicaraguans around the world were a Pinolera Fair, adjacent to the Plaza de la Democracia, in Costa Rica, a commemorative event and other demonstrations in Los Angeles, California and San Francisco, as well as a mass at the Saint Dominic in Houston, Texas.

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