Lombana: “They attack us because they know we are strong”

In a press conference, Ricardo Lombana accused his adversaries of having undertaken, in traditional and digital media, a fierce and million-dollar dirty campaign against him, full of fake news and lies, with the aim of subtracting his support and credibility.

Before the media and in a live broadcast through his social networks, the presidential candidate stated that the level of lies and impudence observed in this crusade of falsehoods is unprecedented in Panamanian democratic history, since those who attack “they are candidates who have cases with the justice system, who do not allow themselves to be investigated because they have not renounced their privileges or candidates who boast of being defenders of the family and the values ​​of the church, while generating lies that can only be created by sinful minds.

He explained that the attacks began with more force when his campaign team announced the measure that breaks monopolies and that will allow thousands of Panamanians to pay $5 for electricity, and when he said that Raúl Pineda and Benicio Robinson are going to be imprisoned because they represent narcopolitics. .

“The thief believes that they are all of the same condition and since they have nothing to attack me with, they invent, because I have no pending cases with the justice system, I have never agreed with them and I renounced my privileges,” said the leader of the Other Path Movement. .

In his statement he also mentioned that the orchestrated dirty campaign was more evident in the last debate where several candidates were seen applying a coordinated attack strategy, a situation that he regretted because this occurs at a critical moment in the campaign, when it is not yet known how It will be the ballot.

Lombana made it clear that he is not afraid of the harshness of the campaigns or the arguments and described himself as a “frontal” person who is used to arguing with his face. However, she said that this level of falsehood is unprecedented in the history of Panama.

«They attack and divert attention so that we do not continue thinking about the news that is real, verifiable, like the money they gave to their families using IFARHU. Candidates from all parties have relatives who received aid that belongs to the people. The surnames Mulino, Martinelli, Torrijos, Arrocha, all of them appear and they don’t want to talk about that, they prefer to lie about my personal life,” said the politician.

He warned that in the coming weeks they will continue trying to distract citizens with lies and that we will see the candidates endorse themselves and do everything possible to distribute power among themselves, because they are desperate.

«I fully trust in the ability of the Panamanian people to realize what is happening here. They are going to find me in the same place I always was and for every lying attack, we will respond with a proposal,” he stated.

Finally, he reiterated his firm conviction that he will win the elections and fulfill every proposal of his campaign. ¨The people will be the owners of their institutions and their money and those who commit crimes will be imprisoned. With me the party will end because it’s them or us,” he said.

The press conference took place in the Automotive sector, in San Miguelito, in the middle of a walk that the presidential candidate had been taking since the morning.

This Monday, April 22, Ricardo Lombana will take a tour of Kuna Nega and will participate in a flyer in Río Abajo.

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