Graziano: “Education plays a fundamental role in the prevention of risk behaviors”

The National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) and the National Drug Board (JND) made the presentation of the «promotion plan of health and prevention of the problem of the consumption of psychoactive substances and other addictive behaviors”, which presents guidelines to support educational and preventive processes in the area of ​​health and well-being.

The counselor of the Central Board of Directors, Dora Graziano, stressed that education plays a fundamental role in the prevention of risk behaviors. «The ANEP considers it essential to join forces in the fight against this scourge. This plan contributes to the construction of a healthier and more integrated society from the physical, psycho-affective and socio-emotional point of view”, she expressed.

Meanwhile, the director of Human Rights of CODICEN, Gloria Canclini, reflected on the shared responsibility of educators. That every day they receive around 600,000 students in the classrooms, in more than 2,750 educational centers. «We have a responsibility and a commitment towards each student who arrives, behind which there is a history, a family and a social context. Locating ourselves in this dimension explains why education cannot make this approach alone».

Comprehensive health promotion

This plan arises at the request of the policies promoted by the ANEP linked to the promotion of comprehensive health, from a conception focused on the value of education, the promotion of well-being and the prevention of risk behaviors.

The initiative is developed by the UNAI of the Human Rights Directorate of the CODICEN, in coordination with representatives of the different subsystems of the ANEP and the National Drug Board.

This theme crosses the educational institution, generating an impact at a singular and collective level. Likewise, it affects the psycho-affective and socio-emotional development, influencing the life projects, the educational trajectory and the construction of citizenship of the boy, girl and young person. As a consequence, these situations result in the breakdown of ties at the family, social, educational and work levels.

The role of education is key as a protective and containing factor, promoting well-being and the development of life skills. Thus favoring the prevention of risk behaviors.

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