Danilo Medina prosigue juramentación nuevos miembros en el PLD

Danilo Medina continues to swear in new members of the PLD

The former President of the Republic, Daniel MedinaPresident of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), travels this Sunday to Bonao, the main municipality of Monseñor Nouel province, to preside over the swearing-in ceremony for some 10,000 new members who join the political organization.

The President of the PLD himself confirmed to the journalists his presence in the so-called Villa de las Hortensias, by inviting the journalists who approached him on Friday at the Casa Nacional Reinaldo Pared Pérez of the PLD: “See you in Bonao on Sunday”, told them.

Starting at ten o’clock in the morning of this Sunday, June 5, the PLD continues the swearing-in acts of new members with which the implementation of the new organizational and electoral line continues, a mandate of the IX Ordinary Congress José Joaquín Bido Medina.

The facilities of Chamber of Commerce Clublocated on Aniana Vargas Avenue in Bonao, which has been expanded with the placement of a huge tent and outlying booths, is the stage from which Danilo Medina, President of the PLD, will proceed to swear in the new members of his Party.

The president of the PLD Danilo Medina will be accompanied in the activity by the general secretary of the PLD, Charles Mariotti, and the leaders of the organization in the province and a representation of members of the Political Committee.

From the provinces and abroad you can follow the incidents of the act through the Internet portals of the PLD. www.pld.org, www.vanguardiadelpueblo.do Y www.pldaldia.comas well as the pldenlinea social networks on Facebook and Instagram and on the YouTube channel of Vanguardia del Pueblo.

The swearing-in activity of new members of the PLD in Azua is guided under the scheme of PLD acts in which order, organization and discipline predominate, is specified in the note released by the PLD Communications Secretariat

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