Dollar today: this is how the BROU board opened this Friday 19

The dollar opened the day this Friday, August 19, with a value of $39.30 for the purchase and $41.70 for the saleaccording to the price of the Banco República (BROU) board.

This means a rise of $0.15 compared to what was recorded on Thursday, when the price was $39.15 for purchase and $41.55 for sale.

How much is $1,000 Argentine pesos in Uruguayan pesos?

On the other hand, the Argentine peso quoted at $0.05 for the purchase and $0.35 for the sale; this does not imply any change with respect to the figures registered throughout this week, according to information from BROU.

Meanwhile, the blue dollar is trading at $289 for the purchase and $293 for the sale, according to the Argentine newspaper El Cronista. Compared to the previous day, both securities increased A$1.

This makes $1,000 on the neighboring shore is quoted at $139 Uruguayans with the blue exchange rate or US$3.5.

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