Popular Unity distanced itself from the Government and called for the creation of a "new political proposal"

Popular Unity led by Claudio Lozano expressed himself in a statement
Unidad Popular, led by Claudio Lozano, expressed himself in a statement.

The match People’s Unity announced that he is “taking distance” from the government and called for the creation of a “new proposal” to appear in the STEP of the Front of All (FdT).

As reported in a statement, one of the objectives of the “new political proposal” should be “to demand the urgent measures that the people need.”

Furthermore, since the party led by Claudia Lozano Y Victor De Gennaroadvanced their intention to “dispute” with the new force in gestation “the FdT primaries in 2023“.

From Popular Unity they stated that in the last month Argentina witnessed “a market coup orchestrated by local economic power.”

As for the new institutional scheme, they pointed out that the reorganization of the cabinet expresses “the decision to resign the management of the government in the hands of those political actors who, although they are part of the Frente de Todos, are also those who have the most fluid links with local economic power and with the United States”.

And they pointed out that this “The new scenario could not have any other type of result than the implementation of the adjustment and stabilization plan.”

This plan “does nothing more than maintain the inflationary picture and lead us, in the best of cases, to a scenario of recession and control by this means of the evolution of prices,” the statement completed.

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