Congress: present second interpellation motion against Minister of Health, Hernán Condori

Congress: present second interpellation motion against Minister of Health, Hernán Condori

The Avanza País bench presented a second interpellation motion against the Minister of Health (Minsa), due to “the various questions regarding his suitability for the exercise of the position”. The interpellatory statement is made up of 8 questions.

In the document promoted by Congressman Diego Bazán, he mentions that Condori Machado has the professional title of medical surgeon, but does not accredit a medical specialty or studies related to public management.

In addition, it details that on January 2, 2020, the current minister was appointed regional health director of Junín, however, “The aforementioned appointment lasted six days, until January 8, 2020, because he was removed from the position due to lack of suitability to hold the position.”.

Another point addressed in the motion of censure is that Hernán Condori is being investigated by the Temporary Corporate Provincial Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes of Corruption of Officials of La Merced, in Junín, for the crime of improper collection and incompatible negotiation.

The acts investigated would have been committed when Condori Machado held the position of Director of the Chanchamayo Health Network in 2019.

They also warn about the complaint filed by the High-Level Advisory Team of the Minsa for the non-existence of the “conditions for an autonomous and consistent exercise of the assignment”.

“Even the Medical College of Peru, which represents the medical community in the country, has publicly demanded the resignation of the Minister of Health, Hernán Yury Condori Machado for all the facts that have been previously exposed.”, indicates the document.

The motion is signed by legislators Adriana Tudela, Heidy Juárez, Alejandro Cavero, Mery Infantes, Juan Burgos, Norma Yarrow, Yessica Amuruz, Susel Paredes, Alejandro Soto, José Williams, Edward Málaga, Patricia Chirinos, Diana Gonzáles, among others.

Last Wednesday, at the initiative of the Avanza País, Fuerza Popular and Popular Renovation benches, a first interpellation motion was presented against the head of the Minsa. Continuing with the procedure, both documents must be given in a plenary session prior to their debate and vote to admit it.


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