Bonomi, Susana Pereyra and Leal: they are investigating whether more FA leaders were treated at the Police Hospital

Bonomi, Susana Pereyra and Leal: they are investigating whether more FA leaders were treated at the Police Hospital

The commission of inquiry on the actions of the former director general of the Secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior Charles Carreracurrent senator of the Broad Front, asked the National Directorate of Police Health to verify if Various Frente Amplista hierarchs were treated at the Police Hospital without being policemenincluding Carrera and his wife, Eduardo Bonomi, Susana Pereyra, and Gustavo Leal.

The senators want to know if some political leaders were treated at the hospital “not being police officers, nor having ties of kinship or affiliates with active or retired police officers”according to a request signed by Senator Jorge Gandini, reported by El País and to which he agreed The Observer.

The commission requests information on seven people: Charles Carrera; Gustavo Loyal, former director of Coexistence and Citizen Security of the Ministry of the Interior; the former Minister of the Interior Eduardo Bonomi and his wife, Deputy Susana Pereyra; Fernando Gil Diaz, member of the General Directorate of the Interior Secretariat during the career management; the former director of Internal Affairs of the Interior, Maria Stella Gonzalez de Leon.

In addition, information is also requested about a woman named Lydia Alonzo Burdina former secretary of Bonomi, detailed Gandini to The Observer.

Police Health is asked for the full name and identity card of those mentioned, the period in which they were treated or used external services of the Police Hospital and the details of each of the services to those who accessed with their date.

They also want to know who authorized each service and with what quality or “grade” they were admitted to the health center. Lawmakers called for a photocopy of the medical history of these people.

The request comes after the former director of Police Health, Leonardo Anzaloneattend the commission and report that care at the Police Hospital of Victor Hernandeza civilian who paralyzed after being shot what denounces came from a policemanwas “a direct order” from Carrera.

After his appearance, Gandini indicated that both Hernández, who was treated for years in the hospital and that received a monthly payment by the Ministry of the Interior, as the wife of Carrera, they entered the center at first without any quality, and were later referred to as “subjacent officer”.

The case of the couple of the ex-director of the Secretariat is already in court within the case that the Ministry of the Interior is carrying out against Carrera, in charge of the Prosecutor for Economic and Complex Crimes.

The letter signed by Senator Gandini also requests the history of attention of the senator’s partner in the Police, plus a copy of the Internal file that investigated the irregularities in the care of this womanand the copy of the complaint presented by the Ministry of the Interior in the Prosecutor’s Office.

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