Ex-factory product prices retreat 0.30% in February

Ex-factory product prices retreat 0.30% in February

Products leaving factories recorded deflation (price drop) of 0.30% in February this year. The data is from the Producer Price Index (IPP), released in this fourth(29) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

In January, the IPP had recorded inflation of 0.29% for these products. In February last year, the high price had been 0.54%. As a result, the IPP accumulates deflation of 0.01% in the year and inflation of 1.38% in 12 months.

Eleven of the 24 industrial activities surveyed had deflation in February this year, with emphasis on other chemical products (-2.43%), petroleum refining and biofuels (-1.66%) and food (-0.73%).

On the other hand, 13 activities experienced inflation and avoided a greater drop in IPP prices in February, including extractive industries, which registered a rate of 3% in the month.

Among the four major economic categories of industry, deflation was observed in capital goods, that is, machinery and equipment used in the productive sector (-0.22%), in intermediate goods, that is, industrialized inputs used in the sector ( -0.69%).

On the other hand, durable consumer goods (0.13%) and semi and non-durable consumer goods (0.36%) had inflation, according to the IBGE.

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