Forgot your AirPods on a plane and tracked them to an airport worker's house

Forgot your AirPods on a plane and tracked them to an airport worker’s house

Anyone can forget an object on the plane when they travel, however, they consider that since it is an expensive service, they have certain guarantees when traveling.

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That is why the case of a woman who forgot your AirPods on a plane and then tracked them down at an employee’s home has caused so much outrage from social media users.

The situation happened to Alisabeth Hayden, who lost sight of her hearing aidsbut I was sure that they must have stayed on the plane

For this reason, he sent a message to United Airlines and the San Francisco airport from the plane, but they did not respond: “I used all possible communication channels and got the same response: ‘I’m sorry for what happened to you,’ he said. in an interview with CNN.

Using the “Find My” application, which tracks Apple devices, noticed that her hearing aids were moving. The AirPods appeared at the San Francisco airport.

“I’m a diligent person and I tracked them all the way from San Francisco to Seattle, taking screenshots all the time. I live an hour from Seattle, and once I got home, I was still taking screenshots,” he said.

AirPods now appeared in a place on the map called “United Cargo”, still inside the airport but in the cargo area of ​​the airline, so it is not likely that a passenger had them.

At the end of the day he realized that his hearing aids ended up at what appeared to be a residential address in the Bay Area and stayed there for three days.

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It was there that she considered that they could have been stolen, since she maintains that she had them in her jacket, but that when an airline employee passed it to her, they were gone and at that moment she believed that she had forgotten them.

After 12 days of monitoring, Hayden finally got his AirPods backalthough not in the best condition. “They appear to have been trampled,” she said.

A week later, and after CNN contacted the airline about his case, Hayden was told that he would receive $271 in “expenses” (to buy a new pair) plus 5,000 miles as an apology.

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