Atheyna Bylon proud to be the November 3 flag bearer

For Atheyna Bylon this year 2022 was positive in terms of sporting results and this great performance earned her the honor of being distinguished as the standard bearer on November 3 by the national government during the celebrations of the national holidays, the winner of the silver medal in the last World Cup Female made in Turkey, in an interview with Radio Panama, considers it one of the greatest honors that an athlete can have when carrying the national flag on such an important date.

Bylon, who also won a gold medal at the Bolivarian Games in Valledupar and at the South American Games in Paraguay in 2022, told us that it was the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, who personally confirmed her distinction as the flag bearer on November 3: « They had called me by phone to find out if I could be the flag bearer, however, the official news was given to me by the president at the Cinta Costera at the event of the new boxing gym that is going to be built and there he talked with me and confirmed that it would be the flag bearer,” Bylon commented.

Atheyna Bylon proud to be the November 3 flag bearer
Atheyna Bylon proud to be the November 3 flag bearer

For Atheyna, the key to obtaining these good results in this year 2022 is due to a training base outside the country and she hopes that next year she can continue training abroad to maintain the best conditions for the events to come, such as they are the Central American and Caribbean Games, the Women’s World Cup and the Pan American Games: «We hope that these camps will continue to take place at an international level, and I make the most of them, look for sparring partners, which is what I need most to be able to gain experience and reach the best physical level at the sporting events that I have to compete in », he emphasized

Atheyna Bylon is currently the best placed athlete to represent Panama at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, since she is ranked number two in the world in her -75kg category and hopes to fulfill her dream of being on the podium at the Olympic Games.

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