Turner asks to take care of the votes at the polls to guarantee Martín’s victory

Supporters from La Chorrera, San Carlos and Capira received with a great concentration the candidate for the vice presidency of the Republic, Rosario Turner Montenegro, who asked them to be early at the centers on May 5, the day of the general elections. vote to take care of the ballot boxes and give security to Martín’s victory, because it is the best option, and he does not come to experiment.

“We must all watch the polls on election day, because those who do not have the votes will want to do their thing. I reiterate: our candidate Martín Torrijos Espino is the best option and he seeks the unity of the country.”

The former Minister of Health assured that the presidential candidate of the Popular Party (PP) has a lot of commitment, not only to have a good government but also to the people in need, the rural areas and the regions, therefore, in all the communities that go They are told that the next president of Panama is called Martín Torrijos Espino.

“You know that women, in this formula, have a strong representation, because while other candidates are making false promises, very far from reality, Martín Torrijos believes in women, his cabinet is going to make equality and has in his presidential formula a woman from Panama Oeste, so we have representation, and I thank everyone for their support and endorsement of the Torrijos – Turner roster.”

At noon, the candidate for the Vice Presidency toured the San Antonio neighborhood, in the neighborhood of Barrio Balboa, La Chorrera district, where she spoke with locals about the proposals regarding the acquisition of medicines, care for the elderly and my first work.

During this face-to-face dialogue, he highlighted that Martín Panama’s government plan At Another Level is a comprehensive proposal, because comprehensive policies are needed to get the country out of the difficult situation in which it finds itself, from an economic point of view. , social and health.

He explained that the health approach is prevention, and in the end, the construction of hospitals, since today there are facilities with insufficient budget for their maintenance, which is evident in the Metropolitan Hospital Complex of the Social Security Fund.

Finally, Turner Montenegro highlighted to the locals of La Chorrera, San Carlos and Capira that, “Martín Torrijos, knows perfectly the problems of the country; He was already President and, as such, it is obvious that he knows the country’s problems. On this occasion we have an improved Martín, who will carry out actions to respond to the most urgent needs suffered by the Panamanian population.

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