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Free a Barn Owl

The Mades reported that The procedure began with the inspection of the animal where its age was verified. It is a sub-adult or fledgling, which was presumably making its first flights to leave the nest, so it was also found that it did not present physical injuries.

After checking that the wild bird was in optimal conditions, its identification was carried out by means of a marking method (ringing). Subsequently, the specimen was released in a place close to the discovery site in the afternoon and early evening hours, considering its nocturnal habits.

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As a recommendation of the Directorate of Wildlife, within the framework of Law 96/92 of Wildlife, It is urged not to extract wild animals from their natural habitat, an action that harms the biodiversity of our country. Leading to a healthy coexistence is vital in order not to interfere in the biological cycle of wild species.

It should be remembered that Law No. 96/92 on “Wildlife” protects all wild animals in the national territory, hunting, transportation, marketing, export, import and re-export of all species of wildlife, as well as its parts and/or derivative products that do not have the express authorization of the Enforcement Authority.

The entrance Free a Barn Owl was first published in diary TODAY.

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