9-year-old boy dies hanged when playing swing on a tree in Tacna

9-year-old boy dies hanged when playing swing on a tree in Tacna

A little boy 9-year-old died hanged with elastic bands tied to a tree while playing with his 4-year-old brother. The minor with initials AMA (9) was playing on plot 10 of the former Los Palos Cooperative in the district of La Yarada Los Palos, while his parents were engaged in agricultural tasks.

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4 year old brother called for help

They found some elastic bands which tied a tree to use as a swing. The little boy he was swinging around when suddenly the weight got the better of him and the ribbon wrapped around his neck. He was suspended and his 4-year-old brother could only cry and ask for help.

The screams were heard by a 15-year-old teenager who was in a nearby farm who ran to help them and told his parents. The parents transferred the minor to the La Yarada Los Palos district health post.

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injuries were serious

The boy arrived with vital signs, however the injuries he had on his neck were extremely serious. Despite receiving first aid, he died within seconds. Police from the La Yarada Los Palos Police Station and prosecutor Anita Meneses López were present at the scene, who ordered the internment of the little body in the Central Morgue of Tacna for the necropsy of law.



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