Withdrawal of salary bonus goes until March 31, says Caixa president

Withdrawal of salary bonus goes until March 31, says Caixa president

The president of Caixa, Pedro Guimarães, said this Friday (4), during an interview on the program The Voice of Brazil that the payment of the salary bonus for workers of the private initiative who were born in January starts on Tuesday (8) and goes until March 31, for those born in December. Withdrawal of salary bonus goes until March 31, says Caixa president

Guimarães said that, normally, the salary bonus was paid throughout the year, but that, this time, the payment at Caixa will be concentrated in two months. “We pay every three working days, with peace of mind,” he said. The allowance can be withdrawn through the Caixa Tem application, at bank branches or at lottery outlets.

“It is another important news for the economy, because we will have more money [circulando] and this allowance resource is fully consumed, that is, 100% of what we are going to pay must go to the economy”, said the president of Caixa.

The president also said that the gas aid will begin to be paid on February 14 for those who have NIS 1 and will follow the same schedule as the Auxílio Brasil. “First the NIS [Número de Identificação Social] 1 and goes up to NIS 0. The payment of the gas aid occurs together with the Auxílio Brasil”, he said.

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See the 2022 salary bonus payment calendar

This year, around 22 million Brazilians receive the salary bonus, with a total value of more than R$20 billion, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Private sector workers will receive this year’s salary bonus from February 8 to March 31, through Caixa. For civil servants, military and state employees, registered in Pasep, the payment goes from February 15th to March 24th, by Banco do Brasil. read more here.

Residents of 48 cities of MG and BA will withdraw early salary bonus

Workers with a formal contract from 48 municipalities in Minas Gerais and Bahia affected by the floods, in December 2021, will be entitled to withdraw the salary bonus on February 8, regardless of the month of birth. read more here.

Caixa launches freight anticipation line for truck drivers

Truck drivers will be able to anticipate the receipt of freight through a low-interest loan contracted with Caixa Econômica Federal. The bank launched today (4) the Giro Caixa Transportes line, with rates starting at 1.99% per month. read more here.

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