Annoyance among comedians and doubts about the situation of the comedian 'Cayman Man', who does have a pension

Annoyance among comedians and doubts about the situation of the comedian ‘Cayman Man’, who does have a pension

Álvaro Lemmon, ‘The Alligator Man’

A video in which he is seen selling backpacks on the street and in full sun moved users on networks, but in reality, is he going through a difficult situation?

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Álvaro Lemmon, known in the world of humor as ‘The Alligator Man’, It is a trend in social networks this Friday, February 4, due to a video in which he is seen selling backpacks through the hot streets of Santa Marta, an unusual activity in the comedian who has brought entertainment to Colombian homes for many years.

“Work is not dishonorable,” says the old adage, although the fact that a character on Colombian television goes from fame to selling products on the street is striking, as the same comedian stated in his account from Instagram: «From fame to selling backpacks»the 75-year-old plateño posted on his social network.

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Such was the impact on those who have seen the ‘Cayman Man’ on stage for so many years doing comedy shows with his classic guitar to the rhythm of the “racaracachacaracacha”, that many have offered to help him.

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One of those who lamented the situation that the artist is experiencing is the businessman Christian Daes, who offered to help the Magdalenian to find another way to generate income.

This is how he made it known on his Twitter account: “A glory can never end without the love it deserves,” said the founder of Tecnoglass.

On the other hand, characters from the cast of ‘Happy Saturdays’have received some criticism for “not reaching out” to Lemmon.

However, one of them explained his reasons with some “discomfort”.

This is Nelson Polanía ‘Molilla’, husband of “Fat Fabiola” who published an interview with Álvaro Lemmon on his Twitter account, assured that he receives a monthly pension of 4 million pesos.

On that occasion and in dialogue with the Tropicana radio station, the humorist stated that he was not “with one hand forward and the other behind” as his followers thought.

“I’m not bad, I’m not dying,” said the comedian.

After learning of these statements, people ask Lemmon to honestly express whether his situation is serious enough to go out and sell items on the street in the way they recorded it on the streets of Santa Marta.

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