Justice grants Vasco the right to play at Maracanã against Palmeiras

Justice grants Vasco the right to play at Maracanã against Palmeiras

The Justice of Rio de Janeiro denied, this Tuesday (18), the requests for suspensive effect made by Flamengo and Fluminense against the injunction that allows Vasco da Gama to play the match against Palmeiras in Maracanã. The game will be held next Sunday (23) at 4 pm, for the second round of the Brazilian Championship. The decision secures permission for the sale of tickets.

According to the judge Luiz Eduardo Cavalcanti Canabarro, from the 14th Chamber of Private Law of the Court of Justice of Rio, the arguments of the Fla-Flu pair in relation to the preservation of the pitch do not make sense, since the two teams will play on consecutive days at Maracanã , this week.

“The permission holder’s argument that it is necessary to preserve the Maracanã lawn falls to the ground when nine matches are already scheduled for that stadium in April, emphasizing that only this week, in an interval of just six days no less than four games will be played”, argued Canabarro.

For the judge, as permission holders themselves do not follow the recommendation of the company that takes care of lawn maintenance to respect an interval of at least 48 hours between matches, the questioning is not “reasonable”.


In view of the forecast of a large audience, Vasco requested permission to play at the stadium on March 23. With no response from Flamengo and Fluminense, the club sent a new letter on April 3, this time with a copy to Rodolfo Landim, president of Flamengo, but again there was no response.

To resolve the impasse, Vasco’s board decided to take the case to court, filing a lawsuit last week at the 35th Civil Court of Rio.

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