Teachers accused of handcuffing their students claim to be in poor health and do not appear to testify

Teachers accused of handcuffing their students claim to be in poor health and do not appear to testify

April 18, 2023, 10:52 PM

April 18, 2023, 10:52 PM

The two teachers who are prosecuted because yesallegedly bound and gagged their students at a school in La Guardia did not appear to testify this Tuesday, because they were in a delicate state of health, therefore, his hearing was rescheduled for Friday.

“The defendants presented a medical report claiming to be in poor health and saying that for this reason they were absent. Then the Public Ministry suspended the statements and He postponed it until Friday morning.”reported the prosecutor assigned to the case, Alejandro Justiniano.

The representative of the Public Ministry said that will assess the testimony of the defendants and the evidence collected to determine if it is appropriate to order their arrest or determine if they will continue to defend themselves in freedom.

Likewise, it said that the process was typified by the assumptions crimes of deprivation of liberty and serious injuries and minor, because according to the complainant mothers, the affected students were tied to a chair.

For her part, Ana Isabel Rojas, a lawyer for the Children’s Ombudsman of La Guardia, confirmed that they will request before the prosecutor Alejandro Justiniano that the two teachers remain as apprehended and it is a judge who defines their legal situation.

He commented that, according to the complaints collected, the attacks by the teachers they came from last yearbut they were formally announced at the beginning of February 2023, so they were changed to another educational establishment.

In the psychological interviews, one of the children rHe told that he was gagged and tied up, sitting in a chair and in front of all his classmates. Other children even pointed out that they were beaten on their hands and body, they were punished in different ways and they were not even allowed to go to the bathroom.

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