Vipers among the "17 dredging" planned in the country

Vipers among the “17 dredging” planned in the country

Marcos Paolini, National Director of Hydrography, told EL ECO that “there are places declared navigable and they are having depth problems, in the case of the Víboras Stream. There is a private nautical port there, and we are obliged to dredge the remaining mouth to a depth of 30 centimeters”

Last week bathymetry work was carried out to begin its deepening this week. Víboras is the first dredging to be done in the department of Colonia. It will take about a month of work.”

Next “we will continue through San Francisco (Conchillas) which has an intense activity, Juan Lacaze which has 100 boats permanently and is a priority port; Dársena Higueritas and Arroyo Sauce”, indicated the hierarch.

The projection is “to dredge 17 ports in the remainder of the five-year period. We would have liked to start earlier because there are ports that have not been dredged for 30, 20 or 15 years”.

more dredging

Right now, “in addition to other ports, the Río Negro is being dredged because it was no longer possible to enter Mercedes by water, where there is a private marina, a commercial port, and a Hydrography marina. We have been working there for about three months and there will be another three more months”.

In Soriano also “the mouth of the San Salvador has navigation problems. After its dredging, it is planned to repair the dock and build marinas. This tender is in the award stage,” Paolini said.

When San Salvador is finished, it will continue along the Arroyo Higueritas and El Sauce, in Nueva Palmira. “The problem is that there are two dredging companies, so what cannot be done before the summer season will be left for next year,” said the hierarch.

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