They launch a manual to promote the reactivation of gastronomic mypes

They launch a manual to promote the reactivation of gastronomic mypes

In order to provide strategies to improve management and sales, prioritizing customer satisfaction, Indecopi, and the Association Peru, launched this Tuesday the “Instructions for the improvement of the service in the mype ”, in the city of Arequipa.

The document is divided into 17 titles and addresses topics such as restaurant management, restaurant administration, good handling practices, COVID-19 operating health protocols and home delivery.

Likewise, it addresses digitization, customer service and good practices in consumption, authorizations for the operation of restaurants, management of complaints and claims, as well as brand management and positioning.

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The event was attended by the executive president of Indecopi, Julián Palacín Gutiérrez; the Vice Minister of Mype and Industry of the Ministry of Production (Produce), Luis Martín Mesones Odar; and the president of the Peruvian SME Association, Ana María Choquehuanca.

This guide will be available to more than 100,000 restaurants nationwide, to improve their management and administration of establishments, implementation of good handling practices, health protocols for COVID-19.


The Arequipa region was selected in the pilot project, benefiting 20 gastronomic mypes, who will go through a strengthening process in three strategic axes: business management, digitalization and quality management.

Once this stage is completed, the State will certify micro and small businesses with the distinctive sign “I am mype”, distinguishing them from other companies and generating greater confidence among citizens, in order to promote increased consumption in restaurants.

Reactivation of gastronomic mypes

This public and private initiative also contributes to the recovery of the country’s gastronomic mypes, since, due to the pandemic, in 2020 their sales decreased by S/ 9,210 million, compared to 2019; while about 70,000 restaurants have paralyzed their activities.

Despite this, last year, the registration of formal restaurants increased by approximately 102,000.


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