They capture an alleged murderer of a police unit in Panama Viejo

In less than six hours, the National Police, through a search procedure together with the Public Ministry, apprehended a person allegedly linked to the Crime Against Life and Personal Integrity, homicide against a police unit, moments in which he was preparing to carry out a search of a residence located on Calle 8va. Panama Viejo, and they were attacked by a subject who was with a group of people and when he saw the police presence, he took out a firearm, and without saying a word, hit two police units, one lost his life and the other was injured.

After the procedures carried out, ballistic evidence was located at the scene, and a firearm was recovered, with its respective supplier and ammunition that is presumed to be related to the homicide of the police unit.

At the time of his apprehension, the suspect was hiding near the mangroves in Panama Viejo.

The man was taken to the corresponding procedures in order to be presented in the next few hours before a Guarantee Control Judge.

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