The Social Security Fund performs three kidney transplants and establishes a partner donation program

The Arnulfo Arias Madrid Hospital Complex (CHDr.AAM) transplant team performed three kidney transplants on patients who required this procedure. Of these, one was from a living donor and the others from a deceased donor.

According to David Crespo, a specialist in urology and transplantation at the Social Security Fund (CSS), the transplant program has been restarted since the end of 2021 and he said that two (2) other processes are contemplated for this month and three (3) during the month of May.

“We have very few patients on the waiting list, all of those on the waiting list are scheduling their operations,” he said.

Regarding the quality of life of the patient who receives a procedure of this type, 99% act responsibly, take care of their health and follow the medical indications, highlighted Dr. Crespo.

For his part, Ihamir Duarte, CSS Transplant National Coordinator, is working on both the related living donor program and the deceased donor program. In the case of living donors, the donor couples program has been established, and three procedures of this type have already been carried out and other couples have been scheduled.

He stressed that in terms of organ donation, the demand is higher than the supply, as there are many patients on the waiting list, whether for kidneys, livers, coneas and heart, procedures that are performed in Panama.

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