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Deliverys and platform drivers announce caravan to Congress

Federico Ferreira, president of the Motorcycle Delivery Union, told Universo 970 that the concentration will be tomorrow at 06:00 in the Cuatro Mojones viaduct, from where they will leave in a caravan to the headquarters of the National Congress.

The objective is to request a hearing with the president of the Senate, Óscar Salomón, in relation to the demand that Petropar transparently show its cost structure and lower fuel prices.

They assure that they will not close the routes and will move peacefully to the legislative headquarters.

On the other hand, he mentioned that the sector to which he belongs is separated from the Federation of Truckers, in view of what happened last week with the arrest of its leaders for alleged extortion of the government.

“We feel sorry for the way they acted. They will have to answer in court. They ignored us from the beginning when they went to negotiate in Parliament without listening to us,” said Ferreira.


The entrance Deliverys and platform drivers announce caravan to Congress was first published in diary TODAY.

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