Madres de abril exigen “justicia sin impunidad” . Foto: tomada de internet.

Mothers of April ask not to forget the victims of Ortega as an “antidote against impunity”

The Mothers of April Association (AMA) reiterated its demand for truth and justice for the victims of the “massacre” in 2018 perpetrated by the shock forces controlled by the Daniel Ortega dictatorship in the context of the anti-government protests four years ago.

In a releasethis April 19, the opposition group pointed out that on this “route” they have faced “the denial of reality, truth and justice to which the Ortega-Murillo regime clings.”

“We have also raised our voice about the legalization of impunity, implemented by the regime with the aim of escaping from its responsibility in the violation of human rights and crimes against humanity,” he added.

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The organization denounced that its members, four years after the civic rebellion, have “lived” under a police state, in constant harassment and intimidation, “especially during the anniversary of the murders of our relatives.” Despite the harassment, threats and political persecution; AMA assured that they will continue to fight for justice for the victims of Ortega.

He stressed that “after four years we maintain our path for truth and justice, which has included: the end of the murders and the entry of international human rights organizations. The complaints before the Prosecutor’s Office that remain in impunity and that have been registered by the IACHR (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights), MESENI (Special Follow-up Mechanism for Nicaragua), GIEI (Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts). Organize and recognize ourselves as mothers and direct relatives of the fatal victims and subjects of law under the framework of International Humanitarian Law. Build memory as an antidote against impunity, to counter the regime’s narrative and clarify the truth, the basis for justice.

The Mothers of April demanded from the Ortega administration the “creation of a special Prosecutor’s Office based on the recommendation of the GIEI, the repeal of the Amnesty Law, 996, and the Comprehensive Victim Assistance Law, 994; and the creation of an independent Truth Commission that respects the autonomous participation of victims as subjects of rights.”

In addition, they demanded the creation of a Special International Court to hear and judge crimes against humanity committed by the State of Nicaragua.

Francys Valdivia, president of the Mothers of April Association (AMA). Photo: G. Shiffman / Article 66

They stressed that “all” Nicaraguan citizens “must commit to never more massacres, executions or torture” and that the fight “to break with impunity for crimes against humanity committed by the Ortega-Murillo regime cannot be postponed, negotiated, abandoned ».

The organization expressed its solidarity with all the political prisoners and their families; The Ortega regime demands their immediate release and an end to the torture to which prisoners of conscience are subjected. “We raise our voices to demand the freedom of Yader de los Ángeles Parajón, brother of Jimmy Parajón, murdered on May 11, 2018 in Managua, and the release of Oliver and Dorling Montenegro, sons of Oliver Montenegro Centeno, murdered on January 23, 2018. 2019,” he concluded.

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