The purposes of an anti-risk insurance to protect micro-enterprises

The purposes of an anti-risk insurance to protect micro-enterprises

A few days ago, the International Day of thethese are of vital importance for the economy of the countries since, according to represent 90% of the between 60% and 70% of employment and 50% of Worldwide. Furthermore, according to the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL), there are approximately 3.1 million small and micro-enterprises in Peru.

However, the number of businesses that have a business insurance policy is minimal, therefore, the Peruvian Association of Insurance Companies – APESEG reminds micro and small entrepreneurs of the importance of protecting their investment against natural disasters, fires, floods, robberies, among other unforeseen events.

Eduardo Chávez de Piérola, legal manager of APESEG, points out that “MSMEs are the main source of income for millions of Peruvians, if they suffer a fire or other unforeseen event it can mean that an entire family is economically affected, which is why we call on these entrepreneurs to protect their businesses”.

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What risks does multi-risk insurance cover?

  • Theft or robbery of the business.
  • Strikes, civil commotion or vandalism affecting property.
  • Civil liability before third parties.
  • Water damage from burst pipes and flooding.
  • glass breakage
  • Natural disasters, such as an earthquake.
  • Fires and explosions.

“Sales and customer service are the priority for any entrepreneur, but so should be the security of your business. For this reason, having insurance that provides you with support in the face of any eventuality is important and in this way, avoid losing what you have achieved thanks to your effort.”, stated Chavez de Pierola.

The referential cost of this type of insurance depends on the type of business, the machinery and assets that are held, likewise, you will be able to access other benefits such as legal assistance or preventive inspections in order to make some safety recommendations, among others.

Additionally, APESEG reminds entrepreneurs that some insurers offer Loss of Profit coverage, complementary to Multi-Risk Insurance, which allows you to recover lost income due to the interruption of your business activities as a result of some unforeseen event.

What should I take into account when purchasing insurance for a SME?

The requirements to contract this type of insurance are the following: to have a RUC and to have an operating license. It is recommended to make an informed purchase, so it is essential to carefully read the coverage and exclusions of the product you choose. The insurer will send an inspector, who will determine what security measures you must implement; Otherwise, the damages will not be recognized in the event of an accident.


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