The eleventh session of the Plenary of Municipalities of Uruguay was held

The eleventh session of the Plenary of Municipalities of Uruguay was held

The President of the Republic Luis Lacalle Pou participated in the eleventh session of the Plenary of Municipalities of Uruguay that was held in the Legislative Palace.

Also present were the Vice President of the Republic, Beatriz Argimón; the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado; the Minister of National Defense, Javier García; the Undersecretary of Transport and Public Works, Juan José Olaizola; the president of the Congress of Mayors, Guillermo López; mayors from all over the country and legislators.

Also participating, in her capacity as OPP Decentralization Coordinator, was the former mayor of Nueva Helvecia, María de Lima (cover photo).

Lacalle Pou highlighted the teamwork between the central government and the departmental ones, on which he valued the figure of the mayors, “I am glad that they have thanked María de Lima for her work, she, together with the rest of our team, are the link necessary to be able to knock on doors, and get answers from the central government.”

In reference to the infrastructure works in the interior, he said that there is a commitment to renovate local roads. There is no need to discriminate between a national route, a departmental route or a neighborhood road, because they all make up the country’s transportation system, he pointed out.

As for the works that benefit the localities, he emphasized the one carried out on the bridge between Perseverano and Lares, in Soriano, one of the first carried out during this administration, which facilitated transit, in addition to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants. . “That is the vocation of this government,” he stressed.

He also highlighted the task of the mayors, as a tool for the Government to know the needs of the small towns of the country and to act to solve them.

He also pointed out that it is vital that public companies and ministries reach every corner of the territory.

“When I see that Antel is going to install 90 antennas, when a call is made to bring sanitation to 60 localities, when working in the settlements of many towns and villages, there is a decentralizing hand as this government has a vocation,” he said.

The new authorities of the executive table of the Plenary of Municipalities of Uruguay were elected.

The mayor of Rio Branco, Christian Morel, was appointed president of that body for the period 2023.

When speaking, the mayor of Rio Branco, Christian Morel, stated “Mr. President, I want to thank you for your presence and your support for decentralization, but also on behalf of the 125 mayors of the country, I want to thank you for the best of the appointments that The Executive Power has done, putting María de Lima in the Decentralization Directorate of OPP, it has been the best thing that has happened to the country in terms of decentralization since the municipalities exist.

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