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They fear division by PRSC presidency

A dispute between Federico Antún Batlle and Ramón Rogelio Genao for the presidency of the Christian Social Reformist Party (PRSC) threatens to provoke another division in the organization, denounced this morning the spokesman for the group’s deputies, Pedro Botello.

While yesterday the assembly of delegates of the political group failed due to lack of quorum, as several leaders of the group had described the call as “tome” and asked their delegates not to attend the event.

Quique Antun

Botello had anticipated that dozens of candidates for managerial positions had been excluded from the list without any explanation.

“Both Antún Batlle, who aspires to stay as president of the PRSClike Genao who is seeking that position, maintain intractable positions, none of them want to give up their aspirations and this could once again divide our party”, lamented the legislator.

He added that “what I can assure you is that if this continues as it is going, my days are numbered in the PRSC, we cannot continue in the same way every four years, so we will not be able to present our own electoral proposal, and I do not agree that let’s be nobody’s hinge “.

Botello explained that as part of that struggle, dozens of applicants were excluded from holding leadership positions in the group at the convention in May of next year.

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Ramon Rogelio Genao

He complained that in each process the highest leadership of the group distributes the charges as if it were a personal asset.

Antún Batlle is currently president of the PRSC and Genao, general secretary.

He warned that he will wait for the next call and that it will depend on whether he stays or leaves that organization.

“The clash between Quique and Genao, due to their stubbornness, endangers the unity of the party, not wanting to give in either of them, from this following the party will lose most of their militancy who are not willing to continue supporting this type of behavior in each process in which the charges are distributed as if they were personal assets,” he said.

He added that “with this type of conduct, the future of the youth of the party and of those who aspire is uncertain because it is not possible to make a project viable because the high authority does not have the slightest interest in participating with its own identity.”

A thousand 34 delegates were summoned to the assembly and only 371 attended, of them 72 women and 299 men. The assistance of 51 percent of the delegates of the grouping was required.

“In the end they wanted to impose a consensus plan and the candidates revealed themselves and rejected it behind the scenes,” said Botello.

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Peter Bottle

The Election Commission, chaired by deputy Máximo Castro Silverio, in charge of organizing the Ordinary National Convention of the Christian Social Reformist Party, canceled the event to try to find a consensus and present a unitary slate.

“The Elections Commission proceeds to defer this ordinary national convention in order to harmonize the presentation of a unitary slate that represents the different versions of thought within our political organization,” reported Castro Silverio.

Reporters from El Nacional tried to obtain the opinion of Antún Batlle and Genao, but the efforts were unsuccessful.

Genao, the current secretary general, is the only one who disputes the presidency with Quique Antún. Earlier, Máximo Castro Silverio insinuated that Genao would decline his aspirations and Antún would be the only candidate.

Last Thursday, the president of the Renovating Current of the political entity, Héctor Rodríguez Pimentel, announced that its leaders and members would not be at the convention, alleging that it was a tome.

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