The ACIS demands approval of the Law on Digitization of the Judicial Power

Santiago.-The Association of Merchants and Industrialists of Santiago (ACIS), demanded today the immediate approval in the National Congress of the Law concerning the digitization process of the Judicial Power as a tool that will speed up the knowledge of the cases.

Sandy Filpo, president of the ACISsaid that the Constitutional Court (TC) ordered, when responding to an instance of several lawyers, that legislation be approved in order to begin digitizing some processes of the administration of justice.

The objective of the law proposed by the TC in a sentence and submitted to Congress is that the process can continue as it was before the coronavirus pandemic, adds the president of the ACIS.

He made it clear that they ask for speed in the approval of this law because in the ACIS there are a number of companies and service entities that have to do with the future of this law, as is the case with appraisers.

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Filpo made the call during a press conference where he was accompanied by directors Marcos Santana, Juan José Jiménez, Máximo Zapata, José Octavio Pérez Zapata and executive director Javier Matías.

Sandy Filpocited the case of several law firm offices, as well as surveying services companies would be very interested in the approval of the aforementioned law.

According to ACISthe implementation of this new digitization law of the Judiciary, not only saves time, but also budget.

“We are in the best position to continue asking Congress for knowledge of the piece,” said the business leader, after concluding that they will undertake a series of actions to achieve their purpose.

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