Second cold snap? Low temperatures and strong winds for this Thursday

Meteorologist Nubel Cisneros announced a second cold wave for this Thursday afternoon with strong winds and low temperatures. Cisneros predicted that the day would begin “Very cold and with strong frosts throughout the country.” At noon and during the first hours of the afternoon the sky will be cloudy and showers or drizzles can be witnessed; on an “inhospitable” day; he said to Underlined.

According to Cisneros, the situation will remain until Saturday June 11.

The National Institute of Meteorology (Inumet), for its part, anticipated for this Thursday showers on the southeast coast, mainly and frosts in the center-east and north. In any case, he indicated that the temperatures will have a slight increase towards the weekend and they will be located outside cold snap thresholds.

“Temperatures will remain low for the next few days. but with a slight increase towards the weekend, located outside the cold wave thresholds”posted at the institute on Twitter.

Meteorologist Mario Bidegain agreed with Inumet. The cold snap “is slowly going away”, said in First Morning radio El Espectador. “Now what is beginning to be perceived is that maximum temperatures begin to rise slowly”he added.

Bidegain maintained that on Friday the temperature will rise one or two degrees and for the weekend it will be presented “more according to the time” with highs of 15° or 16° C. Although on Sunday, in the far north, on the border with Brazil, “we would have rains from a 20, 30 millimeter environment,” Bidegain said.

Cisneros, for his part, pointed out that this Friday will dawn with temperatures that will be around the zero degreebut throughout the day they will become more pleasant Y The sky will be partly cloudy. However, he reported that next Monday 6, an extratopical cyclone, but of low intensity, will affect the region. “It’s going to get windy and we’re going to have some showers and drizzles that aren’t going to be too big,” she noted. “They’re going to start leaving the area pretty quickly.”

Bidegain did not predict the same. “We are going to see a drop in temperature starting next Monday, but we do not believe that we will have winds of the caliber that we had days ago“, he indicated.

Bidegain admitted that it was a “very cold May” but that the wave was an anomaly. “It’s not an indicator of what’s going to happen in the winter as a whole,” he said. “Climate forecasts indicate practically normal conditions in terms of temperature”, he added. However, he did point out that there was a “rain deficit” in May and are expected “rains below normal in the quarter June, July, August”

Instead, Cisneros He maintained that “the trends are that we have a very cold winter.”

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