Mayer Mizrachi launches his government plan ‘Panama is going to shine’

This Thursday, April 18, the government plan “Panama is going to Shine” of the mayoral candidate for the Popular Party, Mayer Mizrachi Matalón and Roberto Ruiz, has been presented and will be available on their website:; and the surprise was that the Markaaa application was released where you can submit community complaints.

The 50-page document aims to carry out a real transformation in the capital city, in order to turn it into a modern, technological, inclusive and sustainable city, where the well-being of its citizens is prioritized.

The plan includes concepts, programs by sectors, actions and public policies, which will be put up for citizen consideration for the general elections on May 5.

The importance of citizen participation is highlighted as one of the main axes of the proposed administration, with the vision of building together the best municipality in Central America, clean, safe and reliable.

“Panama is going to Shine” arises from the needs and expectations of citizens, collected through community complaints and collected on the streets, means of transportation, social networks, among others. In the 12 points, the proposals and commitments of the Municipal Government are detailed as of July 1, 2024, with the objective of generating employment, improving the quality of life of Panamanians and reducing poverty and inequality in the country.

We will be recognized worldwide as an innovative and sustainable city, where natural beauty is harmoniously combined with urban development. “Panama will be a beacon of progress, where citizen participation and government transparency are norms, and where each person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

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