Miami Dade declares April 18 “Nicaraguan Freedom Day”

Miami Dade declares April 18 “Nicaraguan Freedom Day”

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava officially declared April 18 as “Nicaraguan Freedom Day.” This proclamation serves as a solemn tribute to the bravery, resilience and aspirations of the Nicaraguan people for freedom, democracy and human rights, according to a Mayor’s Office publication on its website.

«On this date we remember those who sacrificed their lives and freedoms in the search for a better future for Nicaragua. “We support the Nicaraguan people and celebrate their contributions to the culture and economy of our community,” said the county mayor.

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«Miami Dade will always be a beacon of hope and freedom. “We are a community that was built by immigrants and that welcomes those who come fleeing violence and oppression, like what is happening in Nicaragua today,” she added.

The political scientist Félix Maradiaga, a political exile, stated that the communities of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua know more than anyone the value of freedom because “it has been taken from us in our countries of origin.”

«We receive this day with reverence, as an opportunity to ratify the commitment to the search for justice, the commitment to the victims of April, to the mothers of those murdered, to the political prisoners, to the Nicaraguans who live in a huge prison that “It is Nicaragua, that from wherever we are on the planet we are going to continue seeking that freedom,” he said.

The mayor, at the conclusion of her speech, indicated that she renews her commitment to “support the freedom of Nicaragua and we celebrate the bravery of the Nicaraguan people as they continue to fight for a better future. Every day we are with you.

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