Las zonas que serán intervenidas para eliminar mosquito transmisor del dengue

The areas that will be intervened to eliminate the mosquito that transmits dengue

Dr. Manuel Tejada, director of the Center for Prevention and Control of Diseases Transmitted by Vectors and Zoonoses (Cecovez) reported that in the coming days several demarcations will be intervened with the aim of intensifying actions and strengthening the response to prevention and control of dengue in the country, with a view to eliminating the Aedes aegyti mosquitotransmitter of dengue.

He stated that currently in the country since year 2021 there have been about 1,800 cases of dengue and 8 deaths distributed in 5 provinces.

The areas to be intervened are Greater Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Cristóbal and Villa Vásquez. During the day, work will be carried out on descaling, fumigation, application of BIT larvicides, among other actions.

Dengue cases are triple; eight deaths reported

In this context of Covid-19, Dr. Ronald Skewes, Director of Epidemiology, reiterated that there is no outbreak of COVID-19 in the countrybut there is a slight increase in cases in those under 20 years of age and for this reason the sampling and vaccination sites against the disease are being rehabilitated.

“The indicators we have are still the lowest in the world and are not significant to announce a resurgence of COVID, but we must take special care of this segment of the population, which are the ones that are testing positive,” he specified.

Public Health modifies vaccine schedule; the fourth dose

Likewise, it notified through bulletin 804, the detection of 497 new Covid-19 infectionsfor a total of 2,215 active cases and zero deaths in the national territory.

While in the last 24 hours, 5,524 samples were processed, of which 3,620 were PCR tests and 1,904 antigen tests.

Skewes recalled that circulating variants are Omicron and Delta and both have different symptoms.

There are 130 new cases and 18 admitted to covid bed

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