Ramón Bauzá denounces Ortega for "crossing a new border against the dignity of people"

Ramón Bauzá denounces Ortega for “crossing a new border against the dignity of people”

MEP José Ramón Bauzá denounced that the Nicaraguan regime “has crossed a new frontier against the dignity of people” by depriving of nationality, and banishing “as if it were merchandise” more than 300 citizens, including activists, human rights defenders, journalists, priests and opponents.

Through the Foreign Affairs with Bauzá program, the deputy of the European Union pointed out that, “despite the theft of nationality by Ortega, those who defend democracy in Nicaragua are and will be its true patriots. The exiled democrats will always have us on their side to defend freedom,” he said.

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He affirms that Ortega’s decision to declare a large number of citizens stateless is a repressive measure to leave them without legal protection, in addition to confiscating their goods and properties in the national territory. «One more step by Ortega is one more reason to defend freedom, democracy and dignity.

Bauzá highlighted the situation of the bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa and apostolic administrator of the diocese of Estelí, Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, of whom he said, “has shown, once again, modesty and patriotic pride and accompaniment to those who were prevented from leaving Nicaragua, the monsignor decided to stand firm and face the dictator from prison.

“The rest of the exiled political prisoners are Nicaraguan pride, a new force for those who work from exile to return to a democratic Nicaragua,” he added.

Spain recently reported that so far it has received applications for nationality from 81 Nicaraguans declared stateless by the Ortega regime. In addition, he reiterated that the proposal is open to all citizens expelled from the Central American country, which currently number more than 300 Nicaraguans.

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, informed EFE that the document that will allow stateless persons to obtain Spanish nationality will be “by nature letter”, as it is the fastest way to achieve it, without having to meet the requirements of origin, option or residence as required in these cases.

Albares insisted that the Spanish government’s offer is addressed to all Nicaraguans who are or may be in that situation, which he classified as “absolutely meaningless.” Even if these people decide to stay in other Central American countries or the United States and are not going to move to Spain, “this will not be an obstacle for Spanish nationality to cover and protect them,” added the minister.

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