Murillo and his "rosary" of insults to the Church, opposition and the United States

Murillo and his “rosary” of insults to the Church, opposition and the United States

April is a month that keeps Rosario Murillo awake at night, it is a “nightmare” for the woman with the most power in Nicaragua. She knows that she could not crush the citizens, although she had the Police and her paramilitary forces. April bothers him and makes him uncomfortable.

Six years after the social revolt, Murillo did not miss the opportunity to launch all his hatred, resentment and anger against the Church, the opponents and the United States. He also mocked the released prisoners whom he banished to the North American country.

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Rosario Murillo only let her true face be seen. Yesterday, April 18, she spread herself in a “serenade” of insults, attacks, epithets, disqualifications and pejoratives against all sectors that criticize her and her husband, the dictator Daniel Ortega.

In the 31 minutes and 55 seconds that his litany took, in his family’s propaganda media, Murillo called the Church vampires, twisted, evil, disciples of Satan, battered, the evil ones, hypocritical and false smiles, who “removed the masks of good people.

The Church was invited by the Managua regime to mediate a failed national dialogue. In an attempt to end the crisis, he proposed new elections without Ortega, and that led them to be considered part of the “coup attempt.”

«Six years ago they began the siege with bells that did not ring of a party, but of death, murder, torture, barbarity and pain. Then they cried out like vampires for blood, with the viciousness of those who hide poison behind the manipulation of biblical messages and the stupidity of their own cowardice. “They intended to bribe and crush out of fear and erase the bravery and gallantry of the Nicaraguan people,” said Murillo,

While the opposition did not remain silent, Murillo also had his dose of hatred reserved for the various groups. In his intervention he used 18 words to let out his anger, anger and resentment. He called them embassy troupes, black heralds, traitors and serviles.

Also lackeys, slaves, traitors, bastards, decrepit, handicapped, barbaric torturers, disgraces, cowardly, wretched, fraudulent, fake, fictitious and barbaric.

In the more than half an hour that she spit out all the venom that she had accumulated since April of last year, the vice-dictator used the word “peace” 18 times, although consciously or unconsciously, Murillo tried to repeat the same number of insults as the date of the day that was not He lets her sleep, as she herself has accepted.

Murillo added that the opponents are those who belong to the “dump heap of memory” and “wherever they are, no one listens to them and they live begging. “They are nobody, they are insignificant, you have spiritual illnesses.”

Every time the dictatorial couple speaks, it is unthinkable that they do not mention the United States in their speech. Whether to attribute alleged financing for the protests or to collect the historic lawsuit before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Murillo referred indifferently to the United States embassy in Managua or the country itself, all to hold him responsible for the civic uprising that left a negative balance of more than 350 people dead at the hands of the dictatorship.

The co-president called them imperialists of the earth, colonialists, foreign masters, blind, deaf, pretentious, cruel, and evil.

The government spokesperson also demonstrated that exiling and leaving 317 people without a homeland, including bishops, priests, journalists, human rights defenders, activists and opponents, is a source of pride for her. On six occasions she “celebrated” the violation of human rights. She even stated that “they are nobody.”

«We take them out, because in a free country history is not dirty, much less glory. On the contrary, they are the garbage that belongs to the dunghill of memory,” she stated furiously.

To the stateless the storms of hatred; sowers of perfidy, death and pain; tares and scythe.

After calling them “sellers of homelands, traitors and bastards,” the first lady publicly admitted that she had learned “to sleep with your eyes open” to “protect yourself” from critics of your government.

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