These are the most important news of April 19, 2024

These are the most important news of April 19, 2024

The vice-dictator and spokesperson for the Ortega dictatorship, Rosario Murillo, presented an extensive and detailed list of the “deceptions and destruction” caused by opposition protesters during the civic protests of 2018. According to the data presented by the first lady, the cost total losses that affected the national economy is 22,362.7 million dollars.

After insulting and offering his well-known hate speech against his critics in the official media, Murillo read a report prepared by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit where he compiles “what the bloodthirsty coup plotters destroyed in those dark days, weeks and months.”

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The vice dictator pointed out that “the death roadblocks” caused “violations of the right to free movement”, the death of 198 Sandinista sympathizers, of which 22 were members of the National Police and 1,240 wounded with firearms. However, to date the Ortega government still does not recognize the murder of more than 350 Nicaraguans, a figure that has been verified by international human rights organizations.

Regarding material losses, Murillo mentioned that the opposition’s “terrorist actions” destroyed the assets of 18 government institutions, three universities and municipal mayors’ offices.

The group of countries known as G7, which brings together seven of the largest economic and political powers in the world, made a clear and direct call to the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo to end the “generalized repression” in the country, to put an end to human rights violations and immediately and unconditionally release political prisoners.

The foreign ministers of the G7, which includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, together with the high representative of the European Union (EU), issued, this Friday, April 19, a joint declaration which reaffirms the commitment of these world powers to upholding the rule of law, humanitarian principles and international law, including the Charter of the United Nations.

“We call on the government of Nicaragua to end its human rights violations, as well as the widespread repression and violations and abuses against civil society, indigenous peoples, academics, students, the independent press and political and religious actors,” says the G7 statement.

In the document, which analyzes the world situation, in the midst of the political and economic crisis, and dedicates a section to the crisis in Nicaragua, the economic powers urge the Ortega-Murillo regime to “immediately and unconditionally” release all prisoners. politicians and comply with their international obligations.

The Nicaraguan opposition inside and outside the country, as well as national and international human rights organizations, commemorate the sixth anniversary of the civic rebellion of April 2018, which put the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship in check, launching the slogan April Do not forget! despite the regime’s attempts to overshadow the commemoration. At the same time, they denounce that in Nicaragua repression continues to escalate with the same criminals in charge, Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Likewise, they warn that the memory of the beginning of the great civic rebellion in Nicaragua torments the dictators, as Rosario Murillo herself has shown in her hate speeches of recent days, because the popular uprising that began on December 18 April 2018, means “the beginning of the end of the dictatorship,” according to former Nicaraguan ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Arturo McFields.

Dr. Anely Pérez, a former political prisoner and banished by the dictatorship, through her social networks warned the regime that, as of April 2018, the people of Nicaragua made the firm determination to be free, and “that determination is only silent.” », but latent in the heart of every citizen.

Within the framework of the commemoration of the sixth anniversary of the April 2018 rebellion, the vice-dictator and spokesperson for the Ortega regime, Rosario Murillo, gave an extensive hate speech against the Nicaraguan opponents, where she called them “sowers of perfidy, death, pain and tares” and admitted that he had to “sleep with the open ones” to “protect himself” from them.

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The president of the Democratic Renewal Union (Unamos), Luis Blandón, said to Article 66 that Murillo’s statements are “products of the trauma that these dates generate in him, since he has not managed to remove the combative spirit in Nicaraguans. On the contrary, citizens continue to resist both inside and outside the country.

The political activist pointed out that Murillo’s denigrating expressions against his critics are due to the fact that “even with all his advertising campaign, he has not managed to remove the hope that each Nicaraguan has to build a country based on justice.” “April lives and continues to resist in every Nicaraguan, who took to the streets to demonstrate peacefully,” he added.

Furthermore, Blandón said that the first lady “does not quite accept” that the civic uprising and protests were “self-convened” and thanks to the “spontaneity of the people who want to live in peace, freedom and democracy.”

«She does not sleep well knowing that they want them out of power, that is why she has not allowed free, fair and competitive elections. Rosario will continue to sleep poorly as long as she continues resistance to see a free country,” commented the opponent.

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