Professor's lawyer investigated in the Penadés case: chats have "hints of falsehoods"

Professor’s lawyer investigated in the Penadés case: chats have "hints of falsehoods"

Juan Carlos Fernández Lecchini, lawyer for the History professor, Sebastian Mauvezininvestigated in the case involving Gustavo Penades for acting as a link between the senator and minors to carry out sexual encounters, he assured that there is indications that the chats with which the prosecutor Alicia Ghione has “falsehoods”.

Mauvezin was summoned to testify this Thursday by prosecutor Ghione and arrived just a few minutes after Senator Penadéswhich was scheduled for 3:00 p.m.

Fernández Lecchini assured that requested an “expertise” on the chats that the prosecutor has, although he did not clarify if they are conversations between his client and Penadés or if they are with minors whom he was contacting. She also clarified that she was only able to see “a part” of the evidence that the prosecutor has.

The lawyer said that the bond between the history teacher and Penadés was friendship. “They are friends“He responded to the journalists’ query.

He also insisted that he could not answer many of the questions because he had not had access to the tax file, something he requested after the statement. “We couldn’t see the chats“, he pointed.

Asked about the possibility of filing a defamation complaint, Fernández Lecchini pointed out that “for now” they are not “focused on that.” “That has to do with the fact that we have priorities. Our issue is this now,” he added.

And when asked why the Ministry of National Defense had launched an administrative investigation into Mauvezin, who teaches at the Military Lyceum, the lawyer limited himself to answering: “Because it’s legal.”

In mid-May (when the Penadés case had already exploded) Mauvezin returned to his teaching work at the Military Lyceum. He had previously agreed with the Army on a license that had begun when his name was disseminated, particularly by the transnationalist militant Romina Celeste, who accused him of being the “recruiter” of minors for Penadés.

At that time, in mid-May, the Ministry of National Defense received a letter from Mauvezin’s lawyer, in which they officially informed him of the judicial investigation against the professor. However, as at least so far there is no action against youhis defense recommended “go back to your activities” detailed sources of the portfolio.

From Defense they indicated at that time to The Observer that Mauvezin work normally in high schoolbecause the institution acts according to the “principle of innocence”. “There is no formalization or any procedure”, they explained.

Minister Javier García, however, made the decision to investigate Mauvezin after learning of the complaint against him in his lawyer’s letter, since before that they had not received any official communication of the legal situation of the teacherThey reported from the Ministry. An instructor lawyer from the agency will take over the investigationwhich will look for elements that “could lead to a sanction” against the official within his work as a high school teacher.

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