Motorized Yummy protest against “new attempt” to lower the price of the races

Yummy, the company dedicated to the delivery, taxi and motorcycle taxi service, launched the “Cuadralo” modality, which allows customers to offer “what they consider to be fair” to go from one point to another through a negotiation or bid . According to company workers, the new method threatens their profits because the price of races drops considerably

Yummy motorists protested in rejection of the new attempts by the company, dedicated to delivery and taxi and mototaxi services, to lower the prices of the races and therefore their income.

The protest was specifically directed at “Cuadralo”, a modality launched by the company itself that instead of setting the price per kilometer, as had been done up to now, allows the user to decide how much they want to pay for the trip.

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“We give you the power! Now you can balance the ideal rate with your Yummer in a new supply and demand system, “said Yummy in an advertisement shared on different social networks, including email.

Sebastián Araujo, one of the protesters, said that with the new method it is intended that races of up to 12 kilometers cost dollars. He said that previously the races cost a dollar, when the route was between one and four kilometers. “That’s why we protest.”

Another protester commented that with the new modality it is even more complicated to be able to make a profit. He added that with “Cuadralo” the minimum for a trip can drop to 0.50 cents. He assured that, in addition, they continue to work with a “fictitious” health insurance, because more than one has had an incident and they have never responded.

Yummy representatives said they were not authorized to make statements to the media because the company was in mediation with the motorists. Ten of the protesters were allowed into the company headquarters.

Yummy, through a press release in which he announced the launch of the modality, explained that “Cuadralo” is the “only” transportation service “where the trip rate is negotiated directly between the user and the driver within of the application”.

According to the newsletter, “Cuadralo” allows clients to offer “whatever they think is fair” to get from one point to another through a negotiation or bid. According to the company, this is “an integration designed to provide greater flexibility and control, both to the end user and the driver.”

It is not the first time that workers have protested against the reduction in their earnings due to the company’s decision and irregularities in payments. On June 17, 2022, distributors of the Yummy home delivery application also denounced that the company does not cover them with health insurance in the event of an accident during their workday.

At that time, the drivers told the whistle that the payment reduction for each order was 50%. Before they received two dollars for each service performed and then they only receive one dollar.

The lack of definition of the labor situation in delivery keeps workers trapped. Experts consulted by SuchWhich They urged that minimum conditions be established for this sector. They pointed out that in nations such as Spain or Uruguay the existence of an employment relationship has been declared. They stressed that only the labor courts could determine it, but the non-observance of the law due to the inaction of the authorities keeps an important contingent, mostly motorized, working defenselessly.

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