President Lacalle Pou inaugurated the remodeling of the Tapia polyclinic and SAME 105 base in Migues

The State Health Services Administration (ASSE) presented the reform of the Tapia polyclinic and the new SAME 105 base in Migues, both in Canelones. The acts were led by the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, who highlighted the relevance of the inaugurations and the organization of society to claim what it needs. “The government is at your command,” he remarked.

Lacalle Pou recalled his first visit to Tapia, in 1998, and the activities carried out in conjunction with the town over the years. “It’s a pleasure to be in my apartment,” she said.

Regarding the inaugurated infrastructure, he stressed that it is first class and congratulated the ASSE authorities for it. “Do things with excellence, the works cannot be very good for some places, and for others, more or less, everything that is done has to be of excellence,” he stressed.

Likewise, he valued the affection that is dedicated to this type of work, since, he considered, adding love and heart to the task makes it better. He also recognized the staff who give their time to the Tapia polyclinic, whom he thanked for their “essentially human” care. “The bottom line is who’s inside,” he said.

The president attended accompanied by the interim Minister of Public Health, José Luis Satdjian; the Undersecretary of Housing, Tabaré Hackenbruch; the head of ASSE, Leonardo Cipriani; the vice president of that organization, Marcelo Sosa; the president of the National Road Safety Unit (Unasev), Alejandro Draper, and the mayor of San Jacinto, Cristian Ferraro.

Satdjian said that 90% of the issues related to the health system are solved by the staff of the first level of care, which is the one that works in the polyclinics.

“We have become accustomed to the good news from ASSE,” said the chief, who detailed the inaugurations of the last week, such as the dialysis equipment at the Maciel hospital, the tomograph at the Artigas hospital and the delivery of an ambulance at 25 August, Fla.

“When the public sector makes this effort, it also pushes the entire health system with its strengths and weaknesses,” he said.

Cipriani recalled that the headquarters building of the health center was in a very deteriorated state and appreciated that the care teams maintained their commitment. In addition, he considered that there are no drug shortages there and announced that, shortly, work will begin on the San Jacinto polyclinic, in addition to other projects for this area of ​​the Canarian department.

The Tapia polyclinic is located at the intersection of Uruguay and 25 de Agosto streets in that town, it is open from Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 19:00 and receives 1,319 users who make, on average, 526 visits monthly. The inaugurated work consists of a new dental office. In addition, more medical personnel were provided and the capacity of the home consultation was increased.

New SAME 105 base in Migues

Later, Lacalle Pou attended the opening of the base of the Emergency Medical Care System (SAME 105) in Migues, located at kilometer 7 of route 88, which benefits 263 users of the public health system.

In addition to the leaders present in Tapia, the director of SAME 105, José Rodríguez, and the local mayor, Jorge Cabrera, among other authorities, attended this second activity with the president.

On the occasion, the president highlighted the claim of the community that is organized and asks for what is necessary, so that later the rulers listen, understand and comprehend the situation, and maximize the use of public resources. “We have to manage the money and return it in the best way possible,” he insisted.

He argued that the State should not focus on how much each work it carries out yields, but manage resources well and be efficient. He considered that the Migues polyclinic works adequately and that there are medicines available, but that it is useless if there is not a specialized ambulance nearby, as there will be after this inauguration.

He mentioned the magnitude of rapid assistance in the event of traffic accidents, because they are essential minutes for life and recovery. “For this reason, it is important that it covers the entire area, it will help a lot in dealing with a fatality, as is done in the center of Montevideo or in a city,” he said.

The president revealed that working, educating and having health services within reach are the priorities for the population. “The concept is that the government is at your command,” he concluded.

ASSE doubled specialized ambulances of SAME 105 in 2 years

Cipriani recalled that in March 2020 SAME 105, which provides services in the metropolitan area (Montevideo, San José and Canelones), Colonia and Maldonado, had 19 mobiles, and currently has 40 specialized vehicles. The agency’s projection indicates that 45 ambulances with complete functional equipment will be reached.

The head of the state provider explained that 70 officials provide telephone service and that the average response time is less than 10 seconds. In addition, he pointed out that production has increased 900% and that 5,000 calls are being received per day.

He stressed that each specialized ambulance in operation implies an outlay of 2,600,000 pesos. “From the Government, it is seen as an investment and not as an expense,” he pondered.

Cipriani announced that there will also be SAME 105 bases available in Rivera and Bella Unión, department of Artigas. “Health is a right and the State has the obligation to provide it,” he said.

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