They say they repatriate 300 thousand illegals

LAS AMERICAS AIRPORT. The General Director of Migration reported that in a year and a half this institution has repatriated more than 300,000 undocumented foreigners and warned that it will continue with operations at the national level.

Likewise, Dr. Enrique García assured that during his management, he has canceled a considerable number of inspectors scattered in the various national airports, for linking them to the trafficking of people abroad with adulterated documents and other illicit actions.

“In one year and six months, we have taken more than 300,000 undocumented foreigners out of the country, under the protection of the law that governs the Dominican Immigration System,” Garcia said, stating that most of the returnees are Haitians.

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He said that there were also Venezuelans, Colombians, Russians, Puerto Ricans, Czechs, Chinese and other nationalities who were scattered throughout the national territory and who are engaged in different productive activities.

Director of Migration He said that the more than 300 thousand foreigners repatriated from the country for being here illegally, were detained in operations in Greater Santo Domingo, National District, San Pedro de Macorís, La Romana, Santiago, Puerto Plata, Moca, La Vega, Mao , Valverde, among other places.

Dr. García said that there are many undocumented foreigners who go to the General Directorate of Migration in the Los Héroes Center in search of regularizing their status, but others refuse to do so, which is why they are being detained and thrown out of the country.

Regarding the incident in Ciudad Juan Bosch, the Director of Migration said that the operations against undocumented immigrants will continue and said that many of them maintain aggressive attitudes against the agency’s inspectors.

In another order, García affirmed that in the time he has been at the head of Immigration he has had to cancel a considerable number of inspectors from the agency for being involved in the transfer of people with adulterated papers and other illegal actions.

“In my management as Director of Immigration there is a regime of consequence, if we verify the participation of an inspector of the agency linked to actions that are harmful to the institution, we immediately proceed to take the appropriate measure,” said the official.

He said that to prevent employees from incurring illegal actions, he tries to improve their living conditions more and more, including better salaries and diets.

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